Between The Lines

Dear congregation of Hearts Home,

Good day to you.

My name is F.S.X., a parishioner of St. Theresa’s Church, Kasimode, Chennai, T.N., India. I would like to lay down a few lines about the

self-imposed life of poverty chosen by bro. Aymeric and  his colleagues. But I could not find right words to describe, exactly. The downtrodden locality and the pigeon hole house they chose to live and to squeeze themselves into, is hard to understand. Very disturbing when it is seen in person; one can not but help wondering how these people manage with this cruel vagaries of life in the house and still capable of being so compassionate enough in character and reaching the local people always with ever-fresh affection and love and that too with all due respect. An unbelievable humility and acceptance of life as it is and the will to get along with the local people with joy on the part of these brothers of your congregation is something that can not go unnoticed by any locals of any religion, caste and whatsoever whom they move and pray with. At this juncture, I also would like to stress very emphatically as to their immediate response to local people’s request for combined homely prayers and quick reaching. This sort of affection, care and attention shown by this wonderful Brothers of your Congregation of Hearts Home is very soothing and refreshing especially in to-day’s hard pressed times and trivial life  of difficulties. Hence,  I do place my  heartiest  thanks with gratitude to your great Congregation and my Kudos to Bro. Aymeric, Bro. Nicholas and other Brothers( I do not know their names; they do not even bother to reveal their names), too. I pray God bless your Congregation for choosing these kind brothers  to serve us and wish all the success in your service of God further n further in the years to come.

Thanks n brgds


Kasimode, Chennai.