I am Br. A.M. from the congregation of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. During the summer vacation I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to go for a village experience. The place that my companions and I selected was in a small village in the district of Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu. In this village we were welcomed by the Hearts’ Home community. Throughout our three weeks of our stay there in this village we stayed with them. The name Hearts’ home is not just for name sake. But they put it to reality. We were accepted with kind and generous hearts where we instantly felt at home staying with them.

Living with the Hearts’ Home community has taught me the love and respect that each member received from one another. The member of the community are not distinguished with a structural hierarchy that is usually seen in other institutions. But with the Hearts’ Home everyone is equal in both duties and responsibilities. Because if this generous heart that they have, they are really loved and respected by the people they are working with. Together with them I used to go in their ministry places and the people just love to have them in their midst. It was a first experience for me in many areas like visit to the wandering people called the gypsies, visit to the leprosy centre, and so on.

I am really thankful to the Hearts’ Home community for giving me the chance to be with them and sharing their lives. It will be forever an enriching experience that I can ever have.