May 5, 2016

I’m writing to show my deep appreciation for Heart’s Home USA and especially the mission in Brooklyn.

I was very weak and wounded when Sisters Regine Fohrer and Melanie Delesalle found me in a shelter and opened their hearts and doors of the mission to me. I had lost everything in my life.

I spent the last five years keeping close to them – moving to a place within walking distance,  seeing the members regularly getting real support such that they directed me back to spiritual and physical strength.

I am now a photographer and have had two shows in galleries in New York City. Also I am close to my sons who are very stabile, each with their own homes, excellent jobs and loving wives and children.

I truly feel that all this success is mostly because of God »s love but more specifically tbe love and support I have received through Heart’s Home in Brooklyn from people like Sisters Regine, Melanie, Laetitia and Father Paul.

Their warm and welcoming philosophy of keeping their doors open so that everyone feels loved by creating beauty all around, gives all a sense of strength and happiness.

They have supported me for many years and now I am at a point where i can give back to them. I would urge that they receive all the support and encouragement possible.