If I remember well Point Coeur (PC) came to India (Bengaluru) in the year 1992 (?) and so I am associated with P.C – almost – since its beginning in India.

PC founded an association called IRUDAYNIKETANA (Heart’s Home) here to be able conduct its social and developmental activities among the poor, the underprivileged and the marginalized of the society. This is a legal requirement.

In Bangalore Point Coeur (PC) / Irudaya Niketana (IN) was based in a slum and the volunteers were working with the poor who were living in difficult conditions and also without basic necessities.

In Tamil Nadu (T.N.) PC / IN is living in the slums of Chennai and working with the poorest of the poor.

In Chengalpet (T.N.) PC / IN is having a large space in the rural sector – for those who are familiar it is called “Le Jardin” (the Garden), where the HIV – AIDS patients, Physical & mentally disabled persons, the Elderly, women in distress are given care and shelter.

In Chengalpet PC / IN also helps children of poor families to enroll in school and helps them to have basic education.

In all its activities Points Coeur identifies with the poor, the suffering and those excluded from the community.

According to me in the INDIA of today this is the best way to bear witness to Christ.

Dr. G.P.