I am a volunteer from Singapore. Let me first say that I never wanted to be a missionary for Heart’s Home. Or rather, I never had the intention of putting aside a year and a half of working life, of income, of youth (precious to an aging spinster like me), putting up with « She’s crazy and too idealistic » opinions from my Non-Catholic and even Catholic friends and family members and leaving behind my very comfortable creature comforts and my beloved pet turtles. I have not even heard or Heart’s Home until that faithful day that Sr Regine had sent me an email almost immediately after I prayed for a sign from God about what to do with my life.

From the start, and even along my journey as a volunteer, I was skeptical and even wary of the mission of Heart’s Home. It was theologically hard to pin down, and the readings I was given sometimes gave me the feeling of an overwrought emotionalism or vague sentimentality. Forgive me for this bluntness, I am a Singaporean — we are famed for our pragmatism, and our tendency to be suspicious. I am also a convert, a catechist, a lay Carmelite and a social worker who have had to weave both theology and corporal works of mercy into my daily life and classes with young Catholics, while battling to unite faith and action in a concrete manner.

So I have been convinced, through the thoughts of Teresa of Avila, of Blessed Duns Scotus, ans of other saints who venerate the Sacred Heart, that the key of unity with Christ lies in the understanding of the Sacred Humanity of Christ. What it really means, is that the Incarnation of Christ is the greatest work of God. That God manifested His Love in a very real, concrete manner by His visible, Human Presence among us, 2000 years ago and then now, in the Blessed Sacrament. In Eucharistic Miracles, the Host always manifests itself as a part of the human heart. The most beautiful, and almost too obvious (because humans are very dense) way of declaring His Great and Abiding Love by manifesting his Body, Soul and Divinity as a piece of his heart.

Heart’s Home is to me, a manifestation of the Heart of Christ. The Theology of the Presence, the mission of dwelling among the people we serve, with them, uniting them with our own prayers, our daily Mass and Adoration, and thus with the Heart of Christ.

My own signal grace in recognising the call to volunteer with Heart’s Home was in being struck by a stained glass of Christ pointing to His Heart. A few days ago, I had the epiphany that when we are listening to the problems of our friends, or providing them with the comfort of our presence, we are allowing them to lean on the Sacred Heart like John, the Beloved Disciple who had leaned on the bosom of Christ.

I write this letter just a few days before the Feast of the Corpus Christi, struggling with all the implications of being away from my family, who also need my presence at this time, before the refuge of Blessed Sacrament — the real Heart’s Home. May Heart’s Home and its people ever bring the Humanity of Christ closer to the humanity that He lived and died for, out of Love and the desire to forever unite us with Himself, that we may unite ourselves with Him.