My name is L. . My husband name is M. . I have two childrens namely Nandha kumar & Keerthana . My husband had an accident 7 years ago . Because of it ; he lost one leg . So ; there is no job & it is difficult to run the family .

We are living in royapuram which is a nice place in chennai ; India . Then we met the brothers of heart’s home ; 5 years ago . We told them our burden of running the family. Then we are very friendly Now ; Then & Forever ( May be ) with them.

Brothers of heart’s home visited us & pray  us . Gifting on my children birthday & celebrating with us . Then My husband wants to live in the Garden of Mercy ; chengalpattu. Now ; he is very happy to see & live with them.

Thanks  the brothers  bringing me & my family from darkness to a bright future . THANK YOU !!! Sooooo muchh….